Back in August, Martha had the news that Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman had signed to co-star in The Tourist. The story follows a man who is introduced to an underground sex club by an enigmatic "friend" who may not be who he appears to be -- are they ever? It's no surprise that things turn sour when the club may be involved in a young woman's disappearance.

Variety announced that Natasha Henstridge has joined a cast that also includes Oscar nominee Michelle Williams, Maggie Q, and Robert "Toshi" Kar Yun Chan. There is no word on Henstridge's character but since she has made a career out of being "the hot girl" it really doesn't take much imagination to guess that she will most likely spend most of the film half-clothed. Lately, Henstridge has been steadily working in TV with parts in Commander In Chief and a slew of TV movies and mini-series. Henstridge really never managed to hit the A-list when it came to movie projects and I don't think she will ever fully live down the Species franchise, but this seems like a pretty high profile drama, so it might be her shot at some better parts in the future. Considering this is the same actress who said, "yes" to Ghosts of Mars; I'm pretty sure they couldn't get any worse.The Tourist is still shooting on location in New York so it should be a while before we get a release date.

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