Not long ago I had a chance to catch an early screening of the upcoming Smokin' Aces, and while there were plenty (unfortunately) of things wrong with the film (mainly that it attempts to make up for its weak story and character development with tons and tons of flashy style), the flick flies by and delivers plenty of high-octane punches. Saying that the film is pretty violent would be an understatement, and director Joe Carnahan is having a hard time getting the MPAA to approve of some of Aces' marketing materials. For example, the picture to the right of your screen is from just one of a crop full of slick posters the MPAA canned.

Luckily, Carnahan has been keeping a personal blog for Smokin' Aces and sharing with us all the groovy stuff we Americans won't get to see on the side of a passing bus or during a commercial break for Grey's Anatomy. Aside from at least three very cool posters, the director has also posted a UK TV spot that was banned in the US. Why was it banned? Well, apparently it's a little too violent ... but there's no foul language or nudity, and the thing moves so fast you barely have a chance to catch your breath, let alone point out which parts the MPAA had a beef with. In his blog post, even Carnahan seems to be a bit baffled by the MPAA's decision. He says, "Our censors would never allow this content on the air here, but I defy you to identify just exactly what that content is and why it wouldn't be airable." You be the judge. Smokin' Aces crashes into theaters on January 26.

[via JoBlo]