My good pals over at have a horror division that's called (cleverly enough), and it's there you'll find the latest reviews of the newest horror DVDs. (And on a weekly basis, too. These guys aren't lazy.) So to commemorate the end of another year, the DVDStalk managers decided to cobble together a nifty little list of the year's finest horror DVDs. And because it was so darn fun, they decided to throw another ten discs into the mix.

Their rankings are awarded by measure of A) movie quality, B) audio/video presentation, and C) quantity/quality of supplemental materials -- and since the DVD(S) crew* reviews pretty much every platter that hits the streets, you can trust their expertise where digital excellence is concerned. (You might not agree with their picks, but it's a solid pair of lists all the same.)

Movies/DVDs earmarked for year-end accolades include camp classics like Tromeo & Juliet, Street Trash and Magic; recent splat-fests like Slither and The Hills Have Eyes; catalog re-issues for Black Christmas, Elm Street and the first two Texas Chainsaw Massacres; and TV goodies like Medium, Supernatural and (of course) Masters of Horror. (And yes, I've saved a few surprises for you, but I knew what the #1 pick would be -- and I love it.)

Plus the gang threw some love towards Event Horizon, and that just makes me smile.

[*Full disclosure: I am a staff writer at DVDTalk, so feel free to take all the nice things I just said with a grain of salt. Still an awesome website, though. Nyeah.]