It's only been two days since Spike Lee was announced as the director of an upcoming James Brown biopic for Paramount Pictures and Imagine Entertainment, but already the internet is buzzing with rumors as to who will play the legendary performer. Unfortunately, Starpulse News reports via Page Six (extremely reliable source, I know) that Usher is very much interested in the role. For those who don't know Usher, he's the cocky 28-year-old R&B singer/performer who's kind of like a young Michael Jackson rip-off rolled up into that annoying "cool" kid from high school -- ya know, the one you just wanted to snap in two as he sashayed down the hall, but were too afraid of being sued. Yeah, him.

Another name being tossed into the rumor pile is Fergie (aka Stacy Ferguson) from the Black Eyed Peas -- she'd like to land a part as one of Brown's wives. Unlike Usher (who has yet to make a real name for himself on the big screen, save for, ahem, In the Mix), Ferguson has appeared in Be Cool, Poseidon and has a part in the upcoming Grindhouse. Now, I don't mean to enrage you Usher fanatics out there, but c'mon -- do you really think he's cool enough to play James Brown? Seriously. Maybe -- just maybe -- I'd accept him in the role of a young Brown if, say, they got Eddie Murphy (for example) to step in after the first half hour to play an older version.

What do you think of Usher as James Brown? Do you dig that choice, or do you throw up a little bit in your mouth just thinking about the possibility of Usher in the main role?

[via Filmstalker]

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