It was only just a little over a month ago when Jeffery had the news of an upcoming film on the life of rock legend Freddie Mercury. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that already rumors are flying fast and furious as to who is going to get play Mercury in the upcoming biopic.

An article in the UK newspaper The Independent * spoke withQueen guitarist Brian May about the project. May had announced that Johnny Depp might be in line for the part of Mercury. May was pretty guarded about making any promises, as he stated that "Discussions are at an early stage," with the actor. However, it seems like May and other band members are supportive of the idea of Depp in the role, saying Depp was "fantastic" and "He would be a worthy counterpart for Freddie on screen". The project is thought to be under Robert DeNiro's Tribeca Films, since DeNiro had put his own money behind the current Queen stage musical We Will Rock You, after meeting May and Queen drummer Roger Taylor at the Venice Film Festival in 1996.

Since this is all just speculation at this point, it could be a while before anyone signs on the dotted line. But, I have to admit it would be nice to see Depp on land again. If nothing else, if they decide re-enact the video for I Want To Break Free, at least we know for certain that Depp can handle walking in heels.

*Correction: The comments regarding Depp in the role originated on May's website and not in The Independent.

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