There were some great movie posters in 2006, but you can put those out of your mind because we're here to talk about the stinkers. The ones that made you want to avoid the movie, that would make you turn your head and hurry past at bus stops. Cringe inducing comes to mind, because these aren't ones you would decorate your walls with ... even if you lived in a dorm room. You could possibly use them to wrap fish in, or maybe pad items that you were shipping to Peru. But, why would you want to?

These were the ones that I identified as the worst of the crop. Designing a visually appealing poster that makes someone want to go see the film is hard work, and these posters show you why. I single handedly avoided most of the movies on this list based on the posters alone. Granted, that's a bit like judging a book by it's cover, but hey ... I'm shallow, what can I say. We need to start a book blog so I can write "The Best and Worst Book Covers of 2006," or better yet "The Most Judged Book Covers of 2006."

However, let's get back on track to the worst posters of 2006. These are just a smattering of them, because my eyes started to bleed after culling my (un)favorites. Check them out after the jump and tell us what your least favorite movie posters of the past year were.
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