Well, no, not really. You see, there's this really cool blog called Bubblegum Fink, and this guy posts about all manner of cool pop culture stuff from yesteryear. The Finkster (I couldn't find the blogger's actual name) has put his Photoshop skills to good use and conjured up a fan-made series of trading cards dedicated to the much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Special which was originally broadcast in 1978. Click here for the introductory post, showing the wax pack and introductory text card, and click here for the first eight cards in the series of 44. The remaining cards are distributed over his next several posts. His attention to detail is amazing, with the numbering and style following the real Topps Star Wars cards from the period. The Fink-meister uses images culled from Starwarsholidayspecial.com, which Jette Kernion mentioned around this time last year.

I realize Christmas has already passed, but we're still in the holiday season for a few days yet, and I thought Herr Finkle-hoffer's efforts deserved mentioning. I've seen only a few bits of the Star Wars Holiday Special over on Youtube (check out the first 8 minutes here) but those clips combined with Mark Beall's listing of the "Low Points of the Star Wars X-mas Special," are enough to assure me that I haven't missed much. Considering the avalanche of Star Wars licensed products over the years, I'm surprised there hasn't been a legitimate card set for the special.

This isn't Bubblegum Fink's first attempt at homemade trading cards, so while you're over there check out his card series for A Christmas Story, Hairspray, Logan's Run, and Omega Man.
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