I know that naming the worst films of the year is a pretty bilious exercise -- all you're going to do is tick people off. People dig what they dig, everyone's entitled to their opinion -- but, at the same time, when you see a lot of movies, you see a lot of bad movies -- and when you see a lot of bad movies, some of them aren't just maddening but infuriating. Also, this list is nothing but ammunition for arguments -- which is, of course, why we love them. With that in mind, here's my highly subjective, completely biased listing of the worst films of 2006 -- again, in no particular order after #1.

1) Apocalypto

"So, in his first movie in years where Gibson can't defend his love for blood by hiding behind Christ's robes like a naughty child behind his mother's skirts, what do we get? Bloodshed, brutality -- and boredom. In Apocalypto, the ineptitude of the action sequences is almost enough to drown out how bloody they are, and vice-versa. When a character is, say, killed by a panther, you simultaneously find yourself nauseated by the level of effects brought to bear (you witness a jaw dislocated by the panther's bite depicted with almost pornographic attention) and startled by the clumsiness of other filmmaking choices (including a lunging panther-puppet so unconvincing, it's like a 30-year old refugee from the Jim Henson second-hand bin). ... I keep coming back to the violence in Apocalypto, but then again, so does Gibson. And it turns out the Emperor's still naked even when he's covered in blood. Apocalypto is a career-ending flop, and easily the worst movie of 2006."

(From the full review.)