Haven't you always wondered if celebrities have more fun at Christmas or other holidays? Does George Clooney have to exclaim with delight when a great-aunt gives him a package of gray socks? Can you imagine Johnny Depp's kids giving him a garish necktie that requires all his powers of acting to look delighted about? Does Britney Spears' mom demand that she go back into the bedroom and not come out again until she's dressed like a proper young lady?

I have to admit that normally I don't wonder about any of these things, because usually at Christmastime I have a number of other things occupying my mind, whether it's worrying about what to give my own grandmother, or looking forward to seeing all the nieces and nephews. Still, I realize there's a certain amount of amusement you can derive from imagining celebrity holiday celebrations. This year, celebrity holiday news includes pregnancy news, divorce, injury, a fire and a little charity. Sounds like a normal holiday to me.
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