Chris Rock: Drop-dead brilliantly funny comedian, no question about it. But ... not so great where movies are concerned. And I'm not just talking about his paltry acting skills either ("paltry" being a nice word for "atrocious"); the guy's natural comedic skills were a saving grace in flicks like Lethal Weapon 4, Bad Company and The Longest Yard (kinda), but let's just say he's not all that great at remembering lines -- or delivering them convincingly.

But when Rock gets anywhere behind the camera, the result is usually pretty disastrous. (He wrote the terrible Down to Earth and wrote/directed the painfully bad Head of State.) So when I tell you that the new comedy I Think I Love My Wife stars Chris Rock, you might get happy -- and when I tell you that the flick is also written and directed by Rock, you might get (justifiably) sad. (Martha covered the flick waaaay back in February.)

Based solely on this new trailer, the movie seems to be a modernized urbanization of Eric Rohmer's Chloe in the Afternoon -- or perhaps Billy Wilder's The Seven Year Itch. Either way the movie's about a married man who entertains (numerous) thoughts of adultery, and (probably nearly) goes through with it when an old flame (and single hottie) arrives on the scene. Gina Torres is the wife; Kerry Washington the hottie; March 16 the release date.