I see hundreds of movies every year, and to break 'em all down into a Top 10 (or 20) is just not nearly enough for me. So I spent the last few days compiling ten different Top 10 lists, all in an effort to A) share my opinions and B) perhaps point you towards a few flicks you might have missed. Obviously there's a few "easy picks" among my lists, but hey, I gotta call 'em like I see 'em. (Please do feel free to share your own lists in the comment section ... and Happy New Year! Movie-wise, 2007 looks pretty awesome!)

I. Top 10 Favorite Movies

1. Pan's Labyrinth-- Del Toro is a mad freakin' genius, and I hope he makes movies for the next 50 years.
2. Children of Men-- Stunningly hypnotic sci-fi drama from a director who can seemingly do no wrong.
3. The Descent -- One of the best horror films to hit the scene in ten years.
4. The Proposition -- John Hillcoat and Nick Cave do Walter Hill meets Sam Peckinpah.
5. Borat -- Rude, crude, hilarious -- and a whole lot smarter than you might think.
6. Conversations with Other Women -- More romantic than 50 rom-coms put together.
7. Hard Candy -- Dicey subject material, delivered with style, confidence and craftiness.
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest -- Ignore the backlash. This stuff is pure fun.
9. The Notorious Bettie Page -- Finally, a bio-pic that's not the same old blueprint. (And Gretchen Mol is amazing.)
10. (tie) The Prestige & The Illusionist -- I hate it when someone wedges two movies into one spot, but I had to do it for this nifty pair of magician-centric period pieces.

II. Top 10 Favorite Movies (Part 2)

11. Little Miss Sunshine -- Let's hear it for dysfunction!
12. District B13 -- Some of the wildest action scenes I've seen in years.
13. Stranger Than Fiction -- Kaufman-lite, but it really works.
14. United 93 -- Precisely the sort of movie it should have been.
15. Little Children -- Insightful, intelligent and fairly subtle suburbia satire.
16. The Queen -- I went in expecting yawns, came out wishing it'd been longer.
17. The Departed -- Scorsese revisits the streets in typically fine fashion.
18. Charlotte's Web -- One of the year's most pleasant surprises, frankly.
19. Awesome; I F*ckin' Shot That! -- Sue me, I love the Beasties.
20. Brick -- Didn't love it as much as most do, but there's no denying its appealing weirdness.