Lancaster, California has a film festival. If you've ever been there then you understand my statement. The town is small, was formerly known for its plethora of alfalfa fields and thus has little to attract an audience there. Unlike Palm Springs -- a desert resort community -- Lancaster is over an hour outside of Los Angeles and has a public pool with one adult lane. The point? It still has a film festival.

Darryl MacDonald, Godfather of film festivals, could be partially responsible for Lancaster's conception. MacDonald is partially responsible for most film festivals big and small. For Variety, MacDonald gave some pointers on how to make a film festival -- if you're thinking of creating one -- successful.

Here is a quick outline of what to do:

  • Find a distinguishable characteristic for you film festival. Variety stated there are about 1,500 film festivals a year in North America alone.
  • Figure out how to attract filmmakers to show their films at your festival.
  • Money! You have to pay for publicizing your fest, the facilities to play your film, and much more.
  • Gain credibility. MacDonald says this takes time and "you get that one of two ways: You buy it or you get a lot of celebrity participation."

What do you do if Angelina Jolie isn't interested in Lancaster, Pennsylvania or California? Then it's your job as the creator of your festival to come up with something clever. Yes, the festival will cost a lot of money but if you love film and there isn't a festival for miles then make one yourself. Go forth and good luck!
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