Several years back I read a book called MEG by Steve Alten. It's about a massive prehistoric shark who ascends from the deepest depths of the Marianas Trench and caused all sorts of high-end mayhem. (Picture a shark about the size of a blimp.) I distinctly remember thinking as I read the novel: Wow, it'd be really expensive, but darn this could make for a pretty slick movie!

And then Disney bought the movie rights, which they held on to for a while before New Line came in and picked the property up "in turnaround." Since then we've learned that Jan De Bont has been signed to direct the big shark adventure and that action veteran Shane Salerno would be on adaptation detail ... so where's the production date? Where are all the casting reports?

Well, according to Variety, New Line might be just a little bit stingy with the purse-strings these days, what with big projects like Rush Hour 3 and The Golden Compass demanding so many resources -- but De Bont is still confident that MEG will see the inside of a multiplex, most likely sometime in 2008. Obviously it's the mega-pricey FX work that's causing MEG to swim extra slowly -- or for all we know New Line might just decide to ashcan the whole darn thing.

But I really hope not. The world deserves a movie in which a blimp-sized monster shark who chows down on yachts and helicopters. Well, I deserve one anyway.
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