Though it's a new year, we do not have a new film in the number one spot this week. With a 24% leap (I know, rare), Night at the Museum remained at the top of the box office this past weekend, taking in an estimated $37.8 million (Friday through Sunday only!). Really? You folks were that into watching more Ben Stiller shtick? Apparently so. Will Smith continued his pursuit of those big box office numbers (as I continue to pursue more original quips in my writing), and The Pursuit of Happyness once again finished right behind Museum with $19.3 million. (Man, did anyone party it up this weekend or were you all at the movies?)

I'll tell you one thing: If Dreamgirlshad been in more theaters, that film would have massacred the competition; on only 852 screens (compared to Museum's 3,768 screens) the early buzz that attached itself to those expensive pre-screenings helped the film take in $15.5 million and third place at the box office. 852 freaking screens! We're looking at $18,192 per screen people! But don't worry, Dreamgirls expands to 1800 screens on January 12. And, unlike last weekend, Charlotte's Web delivered the knockout punch to Rocky Balboa, as those two films finished fourth and fifth respectively. While the Dreamgirls take was nice and all, check out the numbers for Pan's Labyrinth: $569,000 on 17 screens, for a mind-blowing $33,470 per screen average. All I have to say about that is ... wow.

Full numbers (Friday through Sunday only) after the jump.