Ian McKellen is the definition of stardust -- he is versatile, romantic and ethereal -- and it only makes sense that he signed on to narrate the upcoming film Stardust.

They don't call him Sir for nothing. He has earned that title time and time again with his plethora of intense roles. Each role he mastered as if it required nothing but him reciting the words. I always enjoy an actor who obtains such simplicity; a simplicity that can play Shakespeare (so many actors lack this ability and training) or something as majestic as Gandalf in Lord of the Rings.

Stardust is based on Neil Gaiman's novel baring the same name. The story is a lovely one, as a young man tries to win the heart of the woman he loves by promising to find a fallen star. His journey begins when acting to fulfill his promise. He then finds himself searching in the land of Faerie where he encounters hoards of magical and frightening beings.

The film includes a star-studded cast: Claire Daines, Robert DeNiro and Sienna Miller play characters in the story McKellen will tell. Matthew Vaughn, producer of Snatch, will be responsible for bringing the film to life. But it's McKellen's voice that will bring the film full circle. The actor -- not shy to voice-over work -- is bound to entrance us with this fairy tale; simply with the cadence of his voice.
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