Now that all the year-end nonsense is out of the way, we've successfully landed in 2007 with an open mind (I hope) and a few gift certificates (Thanks Uncle Herb!) to our local theaters. Unlike most folks, I am of the opinion that 2006 wasn't a horrific year in film ... it just wasn't spectacular. Unfortunately, as technology grows and we become more and more spoiled, I can't see us ever truly looking back on a year with a smile and fond memories. Face it, we're all a**holes now.

From where I'm sitting, 2007 looks pretty cool. Sure, most of the big popcorn films are sequels (or sequels to sequels), but if I can toss aside the cynical critic hat for a second (shh, don't tell anyone), I'll admit that I'm looking forward to another Die Hard, a third Pirates of the Caribbean adventure, that Transformers flick and what could be the final Spidey installment. I'm curious to see what Tarantino and Rodriguez give us in Grindhouse, I can't wait for Hot Fuzz, 300 looks like a visual orgasm, Seinfeld's Bee Movie has piqued my interest and, though we wrote about him and his upcoming films a number of times throughout 2006, Judd Apatow returns to the director's chair with what's sure to be another outstanding comedy. While the a**hole in me is sure to make himself known on more than a few occasions this year, there's nothing more satisfying than a clean slate and that giddy feeling you get right before a long, tedious road trip.

So, I ask you: What are you looking forward to in 2007?

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