He's 76 years-old, a multiple Oscar-nominated director and still cannot get funding for his films. There are no guarantees in this business, especially when it comes down to how or when a film will get made ... no matter what your status. Some actor's careers explode after receiving Oscars (Adrien Brody is a perfect example for The Pianist) and some directors as well. Yet, despite these honors, many, like Paul Mazursky (An Unmarried Woman, Faithful), still cannot receive the proper funding to make more films.

Recently, Mazursky directed his first documentary which will make its debut at the Palm Springs Film Festival in the coming weeks. Yippee takes a trip to the Ukraine during the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. This ceremony in the Uman town assembled 25,000 Hasidic Jews -- a huge cast for any film -- and we get to peek in during their private celebrations. The New York Times reports the film premieres at the festival without any possible distributor in sight.

Mazursky describes his struggles with getting his productions made as "a migraine headache." Apparently, he has piles of scripts that never made it beyond his Beverly Hills office. Is this struggle comforting or disheartening for filmmakers? It's comforting to know that you can be part of the elite and still sell your work with passion each and every time as if you were a newcomer. It's also comforting that the 'struggle' never ends.

Mazursky went out and made the film himself without relying on someone to get the production rolling. Whether the film gains a distributor or an opportunity for the world to see it in theatres is not the point; the film was made in defiance of how things go. And even though Mazursky's name is attached, its distribution success is just as much up for grabs as the hundreds of other films appearing in the 2007 festival circuit.
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