Snakes on a Plane DVD It's a bird, it's a plane ... a plane with snakes on it! That's right folks, 2006's strangest movie phenomena lands on DVD this week, just in time to assure you a Happy Mutha F*%@in' New Year! The flight was a rocky one for this Samuel L. Jackson campfest, with an unparalleled level of fan-generated buzz (based solely on the film's overly simple title) spreading across the web in the months leading up to its theatrical release. But apparently the mania peaked too early, or maybe it was a mirage from the start and all its "fans" were far more interested in poking fun at the movie than actually seeing it. 'Snakes on a Plane' grossed a sorely disappointing $34 million, only $1 M more than its reported cost of production.

The filmmakers, unwisely it now seems, insisted the film was not intended to be "so bad it's good." And it isn't. It's so terrible it's excellent. It falls just behind 'Borat,''Talladega Nights,' and 'Beerfest' in terms of funniest movies of the year. 'Snakes' has everything you could ask for in a B-movie: bad special effects (the snakes, especially, are awesomely fake-looking), creatively choreographed deaths, gross miscasting (the dude from 'Fat Albert' as a bodyguard?), a soft-porn sequence, babies in duress and craptastically cheesy dialogue. (To whoever runs the Samuel L. Jackson Soundboard, could you please update it with some of the instantly classic lines from 'SOAP?') The dozens of exotic killer snakes – which, in hopes of downing the plane, the villain unleashes on your typical three-story commercial airliner, cause you know, a bomb would be really difficult! -- are all sorts of naughty. Not only do they chew up half the passengers, they often prefer to latch onto, um, sexually stimulating body parts. That's physical humor at its finest, pure and simple.

Especially Recommended for: B-Movie lovers, Samuel L. Jackson's faithful, the millions of you who teased Mr. Jackson into thinking 'Snakes' would be a hit

Though 'Snakes' failed at the box office, will it still be a hit on DVD? Add your two cents below, and come back to Hold the 'Fone every Tuesday for new DVD recommendations.

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