• James Andelin(1917-2006) - Actor who appeared in Field of Dreams, City That Never Sleeps, The Babe and Grumpier Old Men. He died of congestive heart failure and emphysema December 27, in Chicago.
  • John Bishop(1929-2006) - Playwright and screenwriter who wrote The Package and Drop Zone and did rewrites for Paramount during the '90s. He died of cancer December 20, in Bad Heilbrunn, Germany.
  • João de Barro, aka Braguinha(1907-2006) - Brazilian composer, writer and director. He made the films Alô, Alô, Brasil and Anastácio, acted in Garota de Ipanema and wrote music for The Mandarin. He died from an infection December 24, in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Pierre Delanoë(1918-2006) - French songwriter who wrote music for The Story of O and The Country I Came From. He died of heart failure December 26.
  • Marion Doran (c.1910-2006) - Vet of Paramount and Columbia Pictures who started as a script typer for Preston Sturges and later married film executive D.A. Doran. She died December 26, in Woodland Hills, California.
  • Wilma Dykeman(1920-2006) - Writer on the environment and race who narrated the documentary The Electric Valley. She died from an infection resulting from a broken hip December 22, in Asheville, North Carolina.
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