If you ask anyone which film their anticipating the most in 2007, chances are Spider-Man 3 will pop up somewhere on their list. Fans of the webbed superhero have been waiting for some time to see Venom finally make an appearance, as well as that evil black suit, and from what we've seen of Thomas Haden Church as Sandman -- not to mention an appearance by the Green Goblin Jr. -- this puppy looks pretty bad ass.

Well, a brand new Japanese trailer for Spider-Man 3 has just hit the net, complete with Japanese subtitles and a couple new clips that primarily revolve around Harry's (James Franco) Goblin transformation. So, if you're at all wondering how Harry takes over for Daddy Goblin, then you might want to check this sucker out. The only thing I'm skeptical about when it comes to Spider-Man 3 is whether or not there are too many new characters -- complete with new battles -- for one film? Will it be Spidey overload? Or will Sam Raimi find a way to weave each subplot into a coherent story, ultimately bringing the Maguire Trilogy (a term I'm using to describe the first three because I doubt Toby will return for a fourth adventure, though I'm certain the franchise will continue) to a satisfying conclusion? Spider-Man 3 officially swings into theaters on May 4.

What are your thoughts on the third film? Too much or just the right amount?

[via Movie Blog]