As you may have noticed from some of mypreviousposts here at Cinematical, I love technology. Gadgets, gizmos, devices and the machine that goes "Bing!" are among some of my favorite things of all time. Of course, as I also have a love for all things film, when I can combine these two passions, it makes things even more perfect. So, its especially interesting to me when I get to take a peek inside the creative process to see how technology is used to help make films happen.

One such example of this is currently up over at Apple's Final Cut Pro site. There, as we previously noted, director David Fincher, of Fight Club, Se7en and Alien 3 fame, explains how he used Final Cut Pro to edit his most recent film Zodiac. It's an interesting glimpse into the technology of post-production as well as into Fincher's creative process. With Zodiac, Fincher shot the film digitally using the Viper cam and then it was edited with Final Cut Studio -- a camera system that's only been around for a few years and software you can buy today and use at home on your own Mac. Pretty cool.

Yes, I realize the video is completely pro-Apple but what can I tell you -- it's Apple's website. Still, with all the pro-Apple spin, the video is pretty informative and makes you think about the current state of filmmaking technology and how it benefits and enhances a filmmaker's creativity. Really, do you expect them to tell you how great it is to edit feature films using Windows Movie Maker or some other system like AVID? I don't think so. Enjoy the video.
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