Geek news I found while taking out the Christmas tree:

-- Marvel's newest foray into the world of animated superhero films, The Invincible Iron Man, has a collection of new material over at the official website. Who doesn't love animated Marvel?
-- The Japanese version of the Transformers movie trailer is on YouTube, as is seemingly every piece of anything filmed by mankind these days. It comes minus a few scenes from the American version, but plus a few extra bits we didn't get.
-- Speaking of the popular video sharing site, the official Hellboy Animated webpage suggests you swing by the YT for an early look at Hellboy: Blood and Iron.
-- According to CBR, talented comics writer David Mack is turning his pen to the sixth installment of the graphic novel series Se7en. This is surely a dark and powerful union of writer and material.
-- AICN is running with a rumor claiming Alan Dale has landed some sort of role in The Dark Knight. Nothing but vague rumor to this one so far.
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