As I'm a horror fan I don't mind so much that the genre's had a bit of a recent resurgence. Maybe its the success of films like The Blair Witch Project, The Ring or Saw that sparked this mini-renaissance of the horror film? Whatever the reason, I'm happy about it. Even if the films often leave something to be desired (i.e. they suck), it's still good that they keep getting made because sometimes you do get a really good one.

Many of the good ones I've enjoyed over the last few years are remakes of other films from countries like Japan -- in the case of The Ring and The Grudge and another, although a non-horror, a remake of the Hong Kong thriller Infernal Affairs called The Departed. Besides being remakes, what do these films, and several others including Dark Water and The Lake House, have in common? They are all produced by a guy named Roy Lee. And according to a story over at Sci-Fi Wire, Lee is not going to take it easy and rest on his past success.

Instead, he's planning on even more remakes and English-language versions of popular foreign films. His upcoming slate includes The Eye, Ikiru, Oldboy, a third Ring installment, The Invasion (featuring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig) and a version of the Korean horror smash-hit The Host. Although, according to the article, Lee is having a little trouble adapting The Host, especially because he wants to tone-down the anti-American sentiment of the film and help it rise above a generic monster movie.

Hey, what's wrong with a generic monster movie anyway? Sometimes those can be fun. Like it or not, these films are coming. Maybe we'll get a few more good ones out of the bunch. If you play the odds, some have to end up good, don't they? Let's hope so. Look for The Invasion sometime this year. As for the rest, they'll probably hit theaters closer to 2008. ...
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