Let me be honest with you right from the start, because all good relationships are based on honest, open communication, right? Full disclosure: I'm not exactly a fan of MySpace. Despite being more or less within the generally accepted MySpace demographic, I really am not particularly fond of the social networking website. No knock against you if you are, it just isn't my bag. It is, however, increasingly becoming the bag of Hollywood, as it is now entirely common to find movies using the popular site to advertise themselves. Sometimes they get "clever" and use a character from the movie as the MySpace, but often they just create a page for the movie itself.

While I've not really been a fan of this, I fully understand it. The site is enormously popular, particularly among the age range a lot of these movies aim towards. And while I've come to accept it, something still screams out about the inherent wrongness of a Frank Miller's 300 MySpace page. And yet here it is, in full glory, asking you to be its friend. And it has quite a lot of friends. How, exactly, one is friends with a movie which has no discernible ... you know ... being of its own, I don't really know. Maybe I'm just jealous.
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