So ... remember Robotech? You know, the mid 1980s Americanized adaptation of a Japanese mech story? Um ... this one. Surely you at least remember the line of action figures, right?* As it turns out, Robotech was sorely missed by somebody, because a motion picture sequel has been created, and is all set to be released on DVD (what, you expected a major theater pitch?) early this February. Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles is an official sequel, and has apparently been crafted with quite a bit of love and care.

For those of you disappointed by the lack of a theatrical release for your beloved Robotech, you just might be able to score a bit of luck if you live in Texas, or a few other select areas. Yes, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles will get a very small scale limited release just prior to the official DVD release between January 8th and February 3rd. You can check out Toon Zone for the full list of all 8 theaters. Looks like yours truly will be waiting on the DVD, as Pennsylvania appears nowhere on the list. That's probably for the best, because I can't really imagine I'd have hunted down a theater for it anyway.

*Yeah, yeah. I know Robotech is actually a pretty popular franchise. I'm just enjoying the opportunity to pick on you fans a bit.
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