Now that we're four days into the New Year, I'll bet you thought you were safe from all those "Best of 2006" lists and year-end summaries, that we could put all the introspection back into our collective hall closet for another year. Not so fast, Chachi. Writer/director Kevin Smith had a busy year, what with Clerks II and all, so he's just posted "The Year in Askew, Part 1" over at his Myspace page. I've been a Smith fan ever since the original Clerks posed the question "Thirty-seven?", and I've always been impressed by how in touch he is with his fan-base.

It's a pretty long posting with tons of photos and links to film clips and other cool stuff. Stuff like the release of the first Clerks II trailer and Smith joining Myspace come as no surprise, while embarrassingly (and often hilariously) personal events like the eighth anniversary of the first time Smith and his wife Jen slept together (though, he puts it far less delicately than that) are included, as well as such random images as a Cylon in a thong (trust me, it's a good thing). I learned a thing or two as well. I didn't know that Smith had voiced a character for the animated film Doogal, or that he and long-time collaborator/producer Scott Mosier had recorded a commentary track for Road House (I'm assuming that wasn't a joke). Smith fans should stop on by and also check out Scott Weinberg's recent post on some of Smith's upcoming projects.

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