Love movies more than just about anything else? Do you write about film on your own blog, or as a freelancer? Would you like to be paid to write about movies? Well, we're looking for a few good writers. You don't have to be based in NYC or LA, but living in either place is a plus. This round, we're looking for writers with a passion for mainstream, Hollywood film. That doesn't mean you're never critical of these films, but an appreciation of them is crucial. (In other words, if you consider Harry Potter, Captain Jack Sparrow and James Bond beneath you, this isn't the time to throw your hat in the ring.) Here's a rundown of what we're looking for:


*Solid writing skills. Basic knowledge of grammar and style, the ability to put together words so they flow nicely, and talent for writing sharp, professional prose.

*Experience: We're looking for people who have some writing experience, especially writing about movies. It doesn't have to be paid experience, but we are looking for writers who have a proven track record for turning in consistently solid writing on deadline.

*Dedication. Lots of people want to write about film. Not everyone has the diligence and stamina to churn out 100 well-written posts/month, consistently. Do you?


Send the following info to apps (at) cinematical (dot) com with the subject line: CINEMATICAL APPLICATION [YOUR NAME ]:

*URLs for your personal blog and any other sites you write for
*Three original writing samples, prevously unpublished and unposted

(1) For the first two samples, pick current stories and write up a 250-300 word post on each, offering commentary, insight, further research, or some other added value. Do not just "reblog" the source material -- we're looking for your unique voice.

(2) For the third, give us your take on a recent major release in 750-1000 words. Can be a positive or negative review.

*Please also answer the following:

Why do you want to write for Cinematical?

What kind of content are you particularly interested in writing about? Do you have an area of particular knowledge, expertise or interest?

**NOTE: If you applied to Cinematical in our last open call and would like your application to be considered again in this round, please simply email us at apps (at) cinematical (dot) com to let us know. If we already have your app on file and you wish to submit a new one with fresh writing samples, you can reapply. Just let us know to toss your old app and use a new one.