If you're a fan of animation, you might have heard of Uli Meyer. In the eighties, the animator scored a huge break when he was discovered by Richard Williams, the animation director for the award-winning Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He offered Meyer work on the hit film, and the rest was history. From there, the German expat helped set up Amblimation (which is now DreamWorks Animation), and created his own company, Uli Meyer Animation. He is credited with hundreds of commercials; he produced CGI for Lost in Space; and his company is responsible for a lot of the animation in Space Jam.

Mr. Meyer also happens to have an animation blog that he updates fairly regularly. Although it usually houses a collection of pictures, the animator threw up a special treat just before the holidays last year. Meyer fired up a camera, sat down with a smoke in one hand and a pen in the other, and scribbled out a short doodle. It's an interesting, albeit brief, glimpse into his process -- one mixed with a flurry of scribbles and a little saliva. Fortunately for anxious readers, since his cigarrette was firmly in his hand the whole time and he doesn't want to promote his bad habit, he hopes to put up another doodle soon sans smoke.

[via Cartoon Brew]
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