Wowzers. I knew 'Pirates of the Caribbean' was insanely popular -- the movie did make a whopping $423 million at the box office and some of you are still pretty heated at us for ranking 'Dead Man's Chest' #41 on our list our top 50 favorite movies of 2006 -- but didn't expect nearly 2,000 of you to chime in with a caption for a photo we posted from the upcoming third installment, 'At World's End.' (Some visitors were directed here by a rumor that the winning caption-writer would receive a first look at the film's teaser trailer. Yeah, not sure how whoever got that idea got that idea. Sorry.)

There were some overriding themes to the constituency's captions: rum, eunuchism, krakens, monkeys, hiding the rum, nudity, foul odors, the rum being gone, 'Bulletproof Monk,' and rum. And though we typically only appoint a single winner, with so many entries, it's only right we recognize three of you. So congrats to the winners: your captions were topical, comical and alcohol-free. See them below and then take a stab at this week's contest, with a pic of Cedric the Entertainer and Lucy Liu in 'Code Name: The Cleaner.' Who knows, the comedy might just be this year's 'Dead Man's Chest.' You know what they say about Cedric: The man's an entertainer.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

3. "Who hired Mel Gibson to direct?!?" -- Dave

2. "Oh no ... here comes Tom Cruise ... he must still want to be a samurai!" -- Darek Kowal

1. "And then they saw Britney get out of the car..."
-- Mariah

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This week's contest:

Code Name: The Cleaner

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