Rare is the time when I can say I wish I lived in the "People's Republic" of China. In fact, I don't believe I've ever said it. And honestly ... I'm not going to start now. But if there were ever something to make me think about saying it (you know, besides an end to communism and all that), it would likely be Jackie Chan creating a brand new production company based in China, with the intent to create a truckload of fun action movies for the people of China. And as it just so happens, Chan is planning to do exactly that. Yours truly will not be moving to China to partake, but if I stumble across one or two via the magic of global markets and such, I'm sure I will thoroughly enjoy it. After all, I already own a number of his filmed-for-China flicks from his early career and thoroughly enjoy each of them.

How about I stop rambling and give you some details? Chan plans to get to work with his newly-founded company as soon as he finishes Rush Hour 3, with a major thrust on talent scouting. He hopes to put together an initial slate of ten films, by hunting down the best screenplays, writers, and directors he can get his absurdly fast hands on. No word yet on whether he plans to appear in any of the films, but one would expect he'd show up somewhere. The guy is a legend in Chinese cinema, after all.
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