I don't think it will come as a surprise to anyone when I declare that I'm possibly in serious like with Jessica Alba. And no, it's not just because she's super-cute and looks great either in a bikini, a dance outfit or in a skin-tight superhero suit -- as she does in the latest Fantastic Four film Rise of the Silver Surfer. Ok, maybe her acting isn't so fantastic but did I mention she looks really hot in those outfits? Actually, if I think really hard about it, I guess its probably not the outfits at all. I'm positive she would look just super in nothing at all.

Sorry, I got sidetracked for a minute. That topic is probably better suited to a site like Perez Hilton or Egotastic. As this is Cinematical, I will now turn this post towards something more movie-related. What do I have for you today then, dear readers? Why, its the lovely Ms. Alba giving you a very informative behind-the-scenes tour of the set of the latest Fantastic Four film, that's what. Before you all rush forward to thank me, keep in mind that there are several more of these little gems over at the vast video depository known as YouTube. Search and ye shall find.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and let Jessica guide you through some of the tricks and secrets of the filmmaking process. Among the wonders you will see (besides her in the aforementioned superhero suit) is her conversation with director Tim Story and plenty of green screen stuff -- including a Mr. Fantastic stretching scene and some Johnny Storm flame work. I know it will be tough but if you try to listen to what Jessica is saying instead of just staring at her longingly, you might just learn something. Of course, learning may be overrated, so if you wish, stare away and enjoy!
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