Ah, to be a kid again. Now that I'm pushing towards a milestone age (I won't say which) I sometimes get nostalgic for the "good old days" when my toys were far simpler -- and much less expensive. One toy that I always enjoyed as a kid was my enormous bunch of Legos. These things were great and I had many adventures with my Legos long into the night after fashioning them into various configurations like moon bases, vehicles and many different kinds of space ships -- including a rather impressive (IMHO) rendition of the Millennium Falcon -- complete with yellow-faced Han Solo and a certain fledgling Jedi.

This was all during a time before the good folks at Lego decided they wanted to make sets specifically from various movies like Star Wars and their other themed packs based on Bionicle, Exoforce and Batman. I loved my Legos and to this day, still think they are one of the greatest toys ever invented. So, what's got me nostalgic for those "good old days" today? Well, Lego recently announced, according to an article over at IGN, some new sets of their Battle Packs based on the Star Wars universe.

Some of these packs feature characters and vehicles from Star Wars: Episode III, including Droids and Clone Troopers, and will be available for $9.99 each. Such a small price to pay for so much fun. Sure, they're simple and maybe even a little on the lame side given the high-tech state of kid's toys today. But sometimes, simpler is better and I often do wish for the days when the simple things were all I needed. Oh well, even if I don't play with Legos anymore, I guess I'll console myself by playing a little Call of Duty 3 on my XBox 360. That's a pretty cool toy too.
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