Just like me, you and just about every 30-something guy in the universe, Kevin Smith is a huge Bruce Willis fan. Loves the guy. And why not? They're both from the same Jersey locale, they both work hard at maintaining an "everyman" image and they're both cool, funny guys.

So get this: Smith just informed us that, yep, he snagged himself a role in this summer's Live Free or Die Hard, which (of course) is the fourth cinematic exploit of the oft-beleaguered cop known as John McClane. No word yet on who Mr. Smith will be playing (or even how large his role is), but he informs us through his MySpace blog that he recently did five days work on the Len Wiseman-directed action flick.

Smith is no stranger to dipping his toe into the various geek pools: He popped up in both Daredevil and Veronica Mars (not to mention the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie), and even took his fandom for Degrassi Junior High to the airwaves. So ... anyone want to take a guess on what sort of character Mr. Smith will be playing? I'll go with an obvious one: He'll be playing a wise-ass computer tech a la Simon Pegg in Mission: Impossible 3 or Seth Green in Enemy of the State.

Opening on June 29, Live Free or Die Hard comes from the director of both Underworld flicks and the writer of Bad Boys, Money Train and (conveniently enough) Die Hard 2. Joining the perpetually cool Bruce Willis will be Justin Long, Jeffrey Wright, Maggie Q, Timothy Olyphant ... and Kevin Smith!

No word yet on the participation of Bonnie Bedelia, Reginald VelJohnson or William Atherton.
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