Since I never really was a fan of Aliaswhen it was on TV, I only had a vague sense of who Michael Vartan was beyond some gossip stories surrounding his break-up with co-star Jennifer Garner and only the odd movie role. One of Vartan's last high profile roles was with Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy Monster in Law, as a Mama's boy caught between his fiancée and his dear old mom.

Vartan looks like he might by expanding his horizons with a new role in the horror film Worst Nightmares for director Frederick King Keller. reported that Bridget Moynahan, Lance Henriksen and Greg Kinnear are also in talks to star in the film. The script was written by Shane Briant and follows a Pulitzer Prize winner who is tormented by a serial killer that murders his victims based on their worst nightmare. The killer also finds time to run a website called to recount his evil deeds, so I would imagine a viral site is a given for the marketing campaign. Remember when serial killers just used to stab and shoot people? Ever since Se7en, serial killer flicks seem to have gotten so complicated, what with all the ironic deaths and all. So far the cast is still up in the air, but Vartan has expressed interest in the role of the killer. Since he usually plays romantic leads in films, I'd be curious to see if he could pull it off.

UPDATE: Thanks to a little clarification from the man himself, Shane Briant, we now know that Briant's novel (which will be released in May 2009) has not been optioned and that the talk of Vartan's involvement was nothing more than a good old fashioned rumor.
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