In two short days, just after I found my way out of the sunny city of Los Angeles, it is going to be invaded. Amongst the stylish socialites and surfers will be another breed of leggy blondes with blue eyes and rolling accents. From January 3rd to 13th, the city is playing host to The Scandinavian Film Festival, which is sponsored by the American-Scandinavian Foundation of Los Angeles. The festival will feature films from, obviously, the Nordic countries of Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. It's not a bad list of films, if you're looking to add a little Scandinavian flavour to your film palate. Many have been submitted for Oscar consideration, and some, like Susanne Bier's After the Wedding have already been highlighted in other festivals, like TIFF 2006. The passes are pretty cheap, so if you find yourself in the area, you might want to indulge in some Nordic fare.

The Festival's website has a complete list of films, but here is a little taste of their opening gala:

Long Flat Balls - Norway - This comedy from Harald Zwart, director of One Night at McCool's, chronicles men who work in a struggling garage and travel to Germany to see the Norwegian soccer team play in the World Cup.

Children - Iceland - Directed by Ragnar Bragason, Children is a film about dysfunctional people, from a schizophrenic neighbor to a criminal. They share blood and interwoven destinies, and it is the first of a two-parter release, the second of which is Parents.

Bigger Than Barbie - Norway - This documentary from Tina Davis isn't actually about the flaxen, buxom doll, but about beaded dolls by South African women in Cape Town that travel to the states to become Bigger than Barbie.

Falkenberg Farewell - Sweden - This film from Jesper Ganslandt, which was shown during TIFF, deals with a bunch of angsty young men about to finish high school and deciding what to do with their lives, while living in a town overrun by senior citizens.

After the Wedding
- Denmark - Susanne Bier's film, which was nominated for two European Film Awards, is about a man who runs an orphanage in India, and finds himself faced with a strange $4 million donation that has special conditions.

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