I write for a lot of different movie sites, which means I'm often seen quoting Variety and/or The Hollywood Reporter. They're the real big boys where movie news is concerned, and I'm of the opinion that they're reputable, reliable and entirely indispensable resources.

Working in the blogworld, you learn pretty darn fast how to behave like a professional: You thank your tipsters, you bring your own slant to the news items, and you always cite your sources. Like ... always.

So imagine the irony that arises when one considers that Variety might be guilty of cribbing from the internet ... and not even citing its source! Case in point: A few days back I read and enjoyed a very amusing report from Devin Faraci at CHUD.com; it was the story of a movie called Zyzzyx Road and how it grossed a whole $30 at the box office, and so I wrote my own slant on the geeky little newsbit. Then today I'm flipping through Variety.com and find the exact same story, but there was something missing. Ah yes, it was the fair credit due to Devin for digging up the stupid-ass Zyzzyx Road story in the first place! (Somehow I doubt that Variety's Dade Hayes just happened to stumble across this semi-story on his own, but if that is the case, then consider this my formal (albeit skeptical) apology.)

Plus there's the issue of the words "not a typo." Mr. Faraci is none too happy about the incident, and I happen to think he makes a few pretty good points. I mean, I know we bloggers rely on Variety a whole helluva lot, but would it kill 'em to throw some fair credit to us unwashed onliners?

(For the confused, just read the following pages in chronological order: #1, #2, #3 and #4.)