It's been many years since the cherubesque '80s Michael J. Fox co-starred with Sean Penn in Brian DePalma'sCasualties of War. Dealing with the atrocious realities of the Vietnam War, the film detailed the true story of a girl taken from her village by American troops and kept as a sex slave until she's killed to cover the soldiers' tracks. In step with Fox's hero reputation, his character refuses to rape the girl, and later speaks out, determined to bring justice to the perpetrators of the terrible act. Working witha terribly similar recent real-life occurance where a young Iraqi girl was raped and murdered, DePalma has decided to re-visit the theme with his new film, Redacted.

The film gets its name from the term used to refer to edited text -- often documents edited to cover classified or sensitive information with those lovely, scribbled black bars. The particulars of the Al-Mahmudiyah Incident are as follows: Five US Soldiers have been accused of murdering a 14-year-old Iraqi girl's parents and 5-year-old sister before gang-raping and murdering the young girl as well. While one has been sentenced, the others are facing court martial and charges.

Unlike the fictional Casualties, Redacted will be heavily steeped in real information, using The Queen's approach to real-life narrative. According to Production Weekly, the movie will employ news broadcasts, trial coverage and also internet video from YouTube and, believe it or not, one of the solder's video blogs. The already-disturbing story will probably gain gut-punch intensity from the mixture of fictional narrative and real footage -- a strong reminder of the reality of the situation, and one that should keep it from being dismissed as 'mere' fiction.
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