Report #1: Newcomer Daeg Faerch will be playing the young Michael Myers in Rob Zombie'sHalloweenremake.

Report #2: Longtime character actor Malcolm McDowell will be playing Mike's nemesis, Dr. Loomis, a role made famous by the adorably overacting Donald Pleasance.

Report #3: Hulking (and generally silent) actor Tyler Mane will be playing "The Shape" himself: The grown-up and perpetually P.O.'ed Michael Myers.

And yes, now comes Report #4, because Rob Zombie seems to think that if he doles out his casting tidbits one droplet at a time, it'll get the horror fans all extra-jazzed for this sadly inevitable remake. And here I am, playing along:

You guys know Dee Wallace-Stone? Heck. sure you do: She was in the original Hills Have Eyes and The Howling and Cujo -- OK fine, she was the mom from E.T. Toldja you know who she is! According to a report at MyZombieSpace, Dee has been signed to play Mrs. Strode, mother to main character Laurie Strode. (No, we don't yet know who'll be playing Laurie Strode. It's Bob Zombie's way of keeping his blog popular.)

We do have some additional cast members to share, though: Pat Skipper will be playing Laurie's dad, William Forsythe will be playing an abusive jerk and Sheri Moon Zombie will be playing Michael Myers' mom -- 'cuz it's good to be the director's hot wife.
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