Hey, remember way back in August, when the rumor mill suggested Dominic Purcell would take the lead role in Marvel's mulligan Incredible Hulk film? Yeah, okay, neither do I. But the rumor mill did suggest it, and is just now getting around to resolving the issue. As we all know (which is really a nice way of leading into an explanation for those of you who don't know), Marvel wasn't entirely pleased with their recent attempt at a Hulk film, and rather than going for a sequel with Eric Bana and Ang Lee, decided instead to pretend like the film didn't happen and just reboot the franchise. Naturally, this means a new actor will be needed for Bruce Banner, and Purcell's name was among those who popped up early on the list of potentials.

SuperheroHype spoke this week with Purcell, and quizzed him about the late-summer rumors. Purcell confirmed expectations by denying an involvement with the film. He said he was never approached by Marvel, and has absolutely no plans for being a part of the film. Not that he wouldn't be interested if they came knocking, of course -- everyone wants to be a cool superhero, right?
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