Remember back when Indecent Proposal first came out, and the topic of almost every conversation amongst friends was whether or not they would let their significant other spend one night with a man for a boatload of money? And, if your friends were like my friends, most of them immediately replied, "A whole night without the woman breathing down my neck? Heck, I'd do it for a hundred bucks and a Red Lobster gift certificate for sure."

Well, it's been awhile since that topic was on the tips of everyone's tongues and, now, writer-producer Les Firestein (The Drew Carey Show) is looking to bring it back ... but with a twist. New Line has just snatched up an untitled comic pitch from Firestein, which Jimmy Miller will produce, with a story that approaches the Indecent Proposal situation from a, well, fairly scary angle. Basically, what happens when a very wealthy man approaches a couple and offers them a ton of money for one sexy night with ... the guy. Not the girl. Would a straight man switch teams for one night if it means he will acquire a small fortune? No other information was released at this time -- Firestein still has to write the script -- and then we'll get to see whether this thing has the legs to attract some top-notch talent. Will Ferrell, anyone?

So, guys, what would you do?

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