It's no surprise Nicole Kidman is drawn to roles in which she plays one half of a messed up married couple. As we all know, the woman has gone through her fair share of marital troubles throughout the years -- first with Tom Cruise and now with rehab man Keith Urban. Perhaps these mega Hollywood stars are so used to the intense conflict in their films, they're automatically drawn to it in their real lives. Perhaps they're addicted to the drama. Hmm, I know a few people like that.

Nevertheless, Kidman has been keeping herself busy as of late -- we'll be able to see her in three films this year alone (The Invasion, The Golden Compass and the Untitled Noah Baumbach Project -- which I believe is called Margot at the Wedding). Now, Variety tells us Kidman has signed on to produce and star in an adaptation of David Lindsay-Abaire's hit Broadway play, Rabbit Hole, for Fox Searchlight. And guess what? She plays one half of a happily married couple who must find a way to pick up the shattered pieces of their life following a devastating tragedy.

Play, which opened in 2006 to rave reviews, stars Sex and the City'sCynthia Nixon in the role Kidman will take on. Though I have not seen the play myself, based on what I've read, this sucker is one helluva tear-jerker ... so you might want to start stockpiling tissue boxes now. No word yet on who will star opposite Kidman (John Slattery stars in the staged version), but I suspect they'll be searching for the perfect leading man. Hey, how about Tom Cruise?

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