Unlike the explosive nature of Keith Moon's presence as the drummer for The Who, his biopic has been slowly stirring for a long time now. Sure to be a madhouse of larger-than-life mayhem, the biopic has been in forever-development by Who's frontman, Roger Daltrey, and producer Nigel Sinclair -- who has produced everything from The Wedding Planner to No Direction Home: Bob Dylan. Two years ago, news sites including Cinematical were rumbling about Mike Myers becoming Keith Moon.

At the time, Myers was coming off a myriad of family hits and flops, and was sliding into seclusion and battery re-charge. Now, as Wayne finishes up some more Shrek vocal stylings, Moon news is re-rumbling. See Me Feel Me: Keith Moon Naked For Your Pleasure, seems to be back on track for release in 2009. Where an actor usually has to sell himself and prove to the audience that he can embody the famous musician, Myers was picked by Roger Daltrey himself. While its undoubtedly an honor to be chosen by someone in the band, I wonder if it is better to blast people harboring low expectations out of the water, rather than having to live up to the expectations of a famous frontman.

Then again, Mike Myers really seems made for the role. Moon was an unpredictable and hyperactive man, probably suffering from ADHD, who had a penchant for destruction and quirky antics. The man inspired The Muppets'Animal, and really, who is more of an animal than Mike Myers?
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