If Judd Apatow thinks Seth Rogen is the next big comic star, apparently some other people are trying to shove Rainn Wilson into those shoes. The lovable doof from The Office is slowly lining up a number of big-screen roles for himself, working with everyone from Jason Reitman (in Bonzai Shadowhands) to Bob Odenkirk. Someone might want to tell Apatow that his boy Rogen has some serious competition.

MTV has just picked up the comedyKanan Rhodes: Unkillable Servant of Justice, in which Wilson will star while Odenkirk directs. (Hmm, borrowing a bit from the Mckay/Ferrell duo with that title, are we?) Odenkirk calls the pic a "souped-up Pink Panther-slash-Ace Ventura," in which Wilson will play a guy who serves subpoenas ... but in a very James Bond-esque sort of way. So basically, he'll be playing Dwight from The Office if for some reason Dwight was fired and took a job serving subpoenas.

As far as Odenkirk goes, he's desperately looking for a hit -- Let's Go to Prison was a horrific waste of space and his upcoming The Brothers Solomon looks to be another big swing and a miss. And you'd think after Mr. Show, the dude would produce some quality entertainment -- perhaps he and David Cross need to reunite for something real soon. Odenkirk claims Kanan Rhodes (which was written seven years ago) will feature a "superpowered" comedic cast, so here's hoping he hits this one out of the park ... and doesn't strike out swinging.

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