I think I'm pretty much the only one who wasn't crazy about Little Children, save for a second half that featured an outstanding performance from Jackie Earle Haley (someone give this guy a best supporting something -- please, I beg you). Maybe I caught it at the wrong time (trust me, 10am isn't the best time to catch a flick in the theater, especially when you were up partying the night before), but the thing just moved too slowly ... and another dull performance from Patrick Wilson didn't help. Ever notice how the one thing every Patrick Wilson flick has in common (aside from the fact that Wilson appears in a role) is that whoever co-stars outshines him in almost every conceivable way?

With that said, Wilson has signed on to star opposite Anne Hathaway in Passengers -- remember that supernatural thriller flick we told you about last month? Hathaway herself isn't the most exciting actress, but she's cute, bubbly and you can't help but kind of like her. With Rodrigo García helming, pic revolves around a grief counselor who helps assist the survivors of a plane crash, but becomes wrapped up in a whole mess of thrills and chills when each survivor begins to disappear one by one. Oh, and amidst all this, she finds the time to fall in love with Wilson's character who -- you guessed it -- is one of the survivors. Ronnie Christensen (who makes his feature debut here, having penned a few TV projects like the instant classic Chameleon 3: Dark Angel) wrote the script, and production will begin shortly with Mandate Pictures producing and Columbia Pictures distributing domestically.

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