Remember Shrek? Cute fairy-tale story, nice animation and music, interesting, original characters and storyline? Happily N'Ever After, I'm sorry to report, is nothing like Shrek. It's not often I can say with certainty less than a week into a new year that I've already seen what's sure to become one of the worst films of the entire year, but in this case, I feel pretty secure in saying that this film will be anchoring my "worst of 2007" list come December.

There was, quite honestly, nothing good about this film, from the cheesy opening voiceover to the predictable ending, so all I can really do for you is enumerate the ways in which this film is utterly wretched, in the hopes that you will stay away from it in droves, thus saving yourselves money and the desire to have the memory of its 73 minutes burned physically from your brain (actually, I suppose you could say its brevity is the one good thing the film has going for it).
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