Okay, so the Spider-Man 4 rumor mill is already old news, even if part three hasn't technically ... you know ... happened yet. Essentially, the argument boils down to two camps -- a few of the actors, who say they are tired of Spider-Man and ready to move on, and a few of the Marvel execs who say the franchise will live forever because there are endless Spider-Man stories already in existence just waiting for a chance to make the big screen.

But a new voice has just entered the discussion; one of the most important voices. Sam Raimi, the talented and beloved director of all three films in the franchise, has just offered his thoughts on the future of the franchise in a discussion with Premiere Magazine. You can read all his thoughts here, but the short version is, Raimi is interested in more movies provided he can keep Tobey Maguire on board. He admits it is possible he will tire of the franchise any day, but his mood right now is one of pure love.

This is a fantastic endorsement for fans who hope to see the franchise live on. I have no doubt Marvel would hit up a new director if Raimi should quit -- or cast a new Peter Parker if Maguire moves on -- but we all know the dangers of a revolving door of directors, and losing the talent of Raimi would be a big blow. Not necessarily a death blow, because franchises like Harry Potter have passed through many a director, but I think we can all agree that Spider-Man is far better off with Sam Raimi than without him.
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