I don't know why, but every time I have seen the name Daniel Craig in the last month, I've thought of Clive Owen. Even now, being hyper-aware of it, I still see the name and have immediate flashes of the gruff-voiced dark and dirty Brit in my head -- and I'm now realizing that my description isn't a great way to distinguish between the two of them. I immediately think "Ooh! Clive!" and then have the split-second pause before thinking "Oh..." Anyhow, I'm sure you don't care about the evil way my brain plays tricks on me, so I'll get to the news at hand.

Yesterday, as I reported, The Subtle Knife, the second installment in the His Dark Materials series, got a screenwriter. Now, Movies Online has put up a whole ton of new images from the series' first installment, the upcoming The Golden Compass. The ladies steal the scenes in these pictures, although for entirely different reasons. Nicole Kidman's beyond-waifish look gives her an air of the exotic, but it really makes me want to invite her over for a particularly fatty smorgasbord of tasty food. On the other female side of things -- Dakota Blue Richards, who plays Lyra Belacqua, looks wonderful. The fresh-faced newbie actress already has a commanding presence in these still images, so I'm sure that means great things for her performance. As for the men of the Compass, such as Daniel Craig, there are lots of beards, facial hair and furrowed brows. All in all, I'm intrigued. What do you think? Do these pictures bode well for the film?
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