Honestly, at this point I'm running out of clever intros to poke fun at the ever-increasing number of comic books/graphic novels which are being licensed for movies these days. Don't get me wrong -- I'm very glad such a trend exists, it is just amusing to see every writer, director, actor, and studio scramble to get in on a piece of the action with what often seems to be entirely uninformed, reckless abandon. Today's update comes to you from producers Jason Koornick and Lawrence Blume, who have struck up a deal with the creators of the short graphic novel series Bluesman, which encompasses three books. One wonders if Koornick and Blume are fans of the novels (I sincerely hope this to be the case), or if they just cast about in a comic book shop looking for something with cool cover art.

Your faithful geek beat writer fails you at this point, however, as I know next to nothing about Bluesman, and can therefore offer you no insight, opinion, or humorous attack on this deal. And so I put the burden of insight on you. Many of you readers are just as into the scene as I am -- some of you out there have to be familiar with Bluesman, right? Step up to the comment section and help the rest of us out. Should we be excited or scared?
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