Even though the UK got their native Severance way back in August (with the R2 DVD due next week), we Yanks won't get to see it in theaters until April 6th -- unless Magnolia Pictures bumps the release date because, well, that's the day Grindhouse is opening. Various fest-goers have already been able to enjoy Christopher Smith's twisted little horror flick (myself included), but the Average Joe horror geek will have to wait until Magnolia (finally) unleashes the goods.

In the meantime you can head over to The Film Asylum and check out one nifty little clip from the flick, although I'm a little bit bummed; this snippet represents one of the most surprisingly amusing moments in the film, and it kinda stinks to have it ruined before you see the movie. Oh well, it's still funny. Enjoy. (There's also a trailer that's certainly worth watching.)

The flick stars the hilarious Danny Dyer, the luminous Laura Harris and a whole bunch of Brits you might not recognize -- but that doesn't stop 'em from being quite amusing before they're stalked, staked and hacked to death by a bunch of ravenous freakoes deep in the mountains of Eastern Europe.

Oh, and there's a bear.
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