Now, before you start thinking this is a gossip post let me just set the record straight and say you won't see anything involving actresses, pop stars, or heiresses in here. These are the biggest film critic whores of 2006 as compiled by Erik Childress at Those who will lend a blurb to anything and everything under the sun. It's a pretty comprehensive list, covering everyone from Harry Knowles to Joel Siegel (who gets honored with his own special award), and assembles a massive amount of blurbage in one spot for your enjoyment.

The list is pretty snarky, serving up stuff like "The sad thing about Harry Knowles' little fanboy jizzpool is that there are probably a couple legitimate writers in there," but he's right on the money. He skewers the winner, nice guy Pete Hammond (out of 83 reviews he wrote, 66 were positive and 17 were negative -- I smell fresh ink on some studio checks!) and doesn't cut any amount of slack for anybody. Check out his series of articles about the whores of film criticland and see if you agree with him or not. At least Cinematical isn't on his list yet ... but give us time.
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